Factors To Consider When Selecting A Glass Pool Fence

To enhance your family’s safety while maintaining your pool aesthetic value, you may need to consider a glass pool fence. Remember, a pool fence is a necessity, especially for your small children and pets. You want a durable fence that will secure the pool area and blend in your backyard. A glass pool fence will be ideals since it provides you an elegant look, strong and easy to maintain. However, it would be better to take some time when choosing a glass pool fence for the best results. Below are the tips on how to choose the right glass for your pool fence;

Quality of Glass

It is essential to source high-quality glass for your pool fence. Even the treated toughened glass can explode due to the presence of nickel included during the manufacturing process. Therefore, ensure that you purchase your glass from a certified supplier and let the experts install it for you to prevent such rare breakages. Moreover, there are standards that a glass panel should meet. When choosing your glass for pool fencing, look out for the quality mark that shows that the standards have been met. Such glasses are manufactured using high-quality glass and quality control standards.

The Style of the Glass Fence

A good glass pool fence should be as sturdy as a barrier can get. The style and type of glass will depend on your personal preference and your pool area’s outline. Frameless is the common style used in the glass pool fencing. It is popular because it does not obstruct the view of the pool and its surroundings. Instead of posts, spigots position the frameless glass fence by drilling or cementing it into the ground. Furthermore, you join the glass panels or have gaps of about 100mm and still provide the safety you need. If the installation is poorly done, it will affect the fence’s integrity and less its durability.

The Height and Width of the Fence

A typical glass pool fence is usually 1200mm high. The panels’ widths will vary depending on the design, and you can customize them to suit your taste requirements. However, a frameless pool fence will contain panels between 1800mm –1900mm wide. On the other hand, the semi-frameless glass panel’s width should be between 1600 –1800mm. Regardless of your choice’s style and design, you will be required to comply with at least 1200mm high safety standards. Therefore, it is essential to check with local regulations and guidelines to ensure that you are within the stipulated requirements.

The Thickness of the Glass

Finally, the standard thickness of a glass panel for pool fencing should be between 6mm –12mm, although they can be customized and modified to up to 18mm thickness. Remember there are two glass installation types –a frameless installation that ranges between 12mm –18mm in thickness and semi-frameless, which is 10mm thick. A thinner glass of 6mm –8mm is not highly recommended since it may not be sturdy enough to withstand high wind loads and impact. If you have thicker glass, it is unlikely to shutter from windy or stormy weather. So it’s always a great idea to look for Gold Coast’s best glass pool fencing experts.